some message of the past

5. From the page of Waheeda Hanif:

Pakistani parents wish and pray for a child with a dick.
It does not matter how big a dick he proves later on.

4. Evolution Theory is a presented with scientific data, supporting it, and is being improved/modified with help of technology like carbon dating. But it is not accepted by religious folks. In contrast all religions are supported by ancient knowledge, false scientific data,  and imaginary stories. But a majority believe it as word of creator, instead of what it is:”Theories & Fantasies”——SZ October 2, 2013

3. Happiness is like driving a car, one can do all the right thing and satisfied with his/her journey. But he/she can not control the stupidity of others which can change the happiness in a split second to a life time pain and sorrow.—–SZ September 25, 2013

2.We think people on FB are our friend. It is only unless you know the person outside of FB, they may not be your friends.

i. Some are perverts, want to look at pictures. they go from friend to friends of friends doing that
ii. Some Are lonely and low self esteemed, who are there to demonize others to feel good. This type is generally active on various groups. We can find similar names on many groups, often with fake names or no face pic. They will post or find messages which can bring argument, one way or other, then post filthy-smart,arrogant and rude comments.
Let us see who see his/her face in this mirror and change behavior.               –SZ Nov 10, 2012

1. ‎10,000 BC a woman in middle east started the first agriculture farm. few years before dawn of Islam, a women trader married to the Prophet. The same region does not allow women today to travel alone or drive. Sadly the freedom and status given to women in Islam is taken back 1000 of years by fundamentalist neo-con islam–SZ, Nov 19, 2012

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