Watch for Pedestrians

Last Friday afternoon, was first snow of the season with wind. It is Difficult to walk in blowing snow with high wind. I had to go to downtown Burlington. I stopped at mandatory stop sign in northbound lane, to make left turn in west bound lane. The East/West bound was free way with no stop sign. I noticed an older lady standing on my left side walk to cross the road. If there was a traffic light at this intersection she would have had the right of way to cross the road. I opened my window and motioned her to cross, so she knows I will wait and not run her over. While she was also waiting for traffic to clear, so she could cross the road and I was waiting for her to finish crossing. The driver behind me started honking for me to move. It was a stop sign, and legally I can only turn left when it is safe for me to move. Because of haze of snow I could not see the person in car. But I was irritated that he/she is oblivious of the hazard the pedestrian was facing. He/she was just impatient without regard to the right of way, and importance of the safety of a pedestrian. I hope you are not this kind of jerk while driving. December 7, 2012

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