What is wrong with People

December 9/10, Severe weather warning during Sunday night and Monday morning in Southern Ontario. Rain, snow, icy condition. Like many days meteorologist were just creating panic. Morning was not as bad as predicted in Burlington. Just little damp, light shower, and dark because of cloud cover. While driving to work, meteorologist again warning to drive carefully with full lights, etc. at 8:14 CBC news reader said there are six pedestrian collisions in last 25 minutes in various parts of Toronto, and one person is in critical condition. I was just thinking, what is wrong with people, why they cant drive little carefully in this weather condition. Now carelessness will land the driver in jail for involuntary manslaughter, and not only his but his whole family’s life will be up side down. While these thoughts were running through my mind I was approaching to the traffic light for left turn, I noticed on my left on the other side of sidewalk a young girl was running in the same direction I was driving. Perhaps she was late for her train and running to the Go station ahead. I reached the traffic light and immediately got the left turn signal. Now when the traffic light is green, pedestrians crossing light was red, but I saw the women continued running to cross the road, oblivious of her right of way. I was perplexed for few seconds what to do. If I don’t move, I will miss the 10 seconds time slot to turn left, and the chain of drivers behind me will be angry. If I move, I might meet this suicidal woman. The car behind me perhaps did not see what I was seeing, and honked, I started moving slowly and was planning to stop in the middle to let her cross. She saw me coming, looked at her light and suddenly stopped in the middle on the road divider. I drove away, but reflecting  what happened just now, a few minutes ago I was blaming drivers for carelessness, but may be they were in the same situation. Some stupid came in front of the car, and driver did not see the pedestrian due to poor visibility. Irony is pedestrians do not care for their life and safety, but the responsibility comes on the driver for the stupidity of the pedestrian. It reminded me that recently a man was struck by a TTC car, while crossing road he came in front of it. TTC driver honked, but he had earphone and did not hear. last year a pedestrian was killed, as he was crossing the road and texting without watching the traffic While legally the Driver is responsible, pedestrians should not pass the buck here for their own safety. It is the responsibility of the individuals to care for their own safety and life, unless he/she is suicidal. Even then please do not come in front of a running vehicle. What is wrong with you people.

This story has been published by Jang Canada in its January 3, 2013 issue. http://jangcanada.com/index.php?ordner=epaper%2F03+January+2013&one=single+pic&bild=14&plus=%3E%3E&page=#anchor

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