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National Secular Society – Why religions, too, would benefit from embracing secularism

Why religions, too, would benefit from embracing secularism Posted: Tue, 29 Apr 2014 09:16 by Terry Sanderson In a debate at the Nottingham Secular Society on 24 April, National Secular Society president, Terry Sanderson, argued that the time has come … Continue reading

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The Poverty of Fanaticism

Islamic Spirituality: the forgotten revolution © Abdal-Hakim Murad THE POVERTY OF FANATICISM ‘Blood is no argument’, as Shakespeare observed. Sadly, Muslim ranks are today swollen with those who disagree. The World Trade Centre, yesterday’s symbol of global finance, has today become … Continue reading

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Want for others what you want for yourself!

Aadmi jo kehta hai, Aadmi jo Sunta hai Zindagi bhar who sadaaen peechcha karti hain Aadmi jo daita hai, Aadmi jo laita hai Zindagi bhar who duaen peechchakarti hain1 Translation: “what a person says or hear, those sounds follow him … Continue reading

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