Narendra Modi


An open letter to NAMO
Dear Mr. Modi
Congratulations on winning the election. Secularism and Democracy implemented by Congress made this day possible that a person of no prominent family background has become Prime Minister of the Great nation of India.

I watched your speech at Delhi University’s SRCC Graduation ceremony and was very impressed and posted on FB with comments India needs more leaders with his vision. But Mr Modi there is another side of you. The history of last decades of Gujrat speaks for itself.

There is no denial that development model of Gujrat Model implemented by you was successful. But the entire credit is not yours. The changing global economic situations made it possible for China and India to emerge as new economic powers. However there are undeniable allegations that progress of Gujrat economy was facilitated by favoritism, corruption, bribery, intimidation, and suppressing the laws in the interest of businesses favored by you, and your associates.

Mr Modi, Muslims and Hindus of good nature cannot forget the Gujrat riots of 2002 and its aftermath. There was a clear genocide by the Fundamentalist groups, but you as Chief Minister did not take responsibility of good governance. You failed to implement rule of law and deliberately let people killed, including women and children. Some were locked in the house and burnt alive. While no action was taken against criminals who murdered 2000 Muslims and displaced 200, 000. Some 50,000 of the riot victims of 2002 continue to languish in extreme poverty, displaced in 83 “relief colonies, which you have described as “baby making factories”. For the allegations of the violation of Human rights, USA, Canada and many European countries have denied your entry into the country.

Though Hindu religion refer to Hinduism as Sanātana Dharma, “the eternal law” or the “eternal way”. It refers to the “eternal” duties all Hindus have to follow, regardless of class, caste, or sect, such as honesty, refraining from injuring living beings, purity, goodwill, mercy, patience, forbearance, self-restraint, generosity, and asceticism. Unfortunately your policies do not show that practice. Unfortunately you supported and further propagated the perverted views of minority fundamentalist. Your anti Muslim and anti Pakistani comments might have given you some more votes, but that will not help you in good governing or the progress of your country. As Tahir Aslam Gora wrote in his column in Huffington Post “Secularist politics in India means politics of accommodating minorities, especially Muslims who are little less than 200 million there. If that huge number integrates in the society rather than sticking to their ghettos they can change their fate,” (and contribute to Indian economy more efficiently).

History remembers the rulers policies and actions. Europe will always remember Hitler and his policies of war, death and genocide. India will also remember the Moghul Emperor Akbar the Great, and his policies of Liberalism, religious tolerance and assimilation of cultures. The fate of India is in your hand for next few years. It is for you to decide when future historians will write about India,  who you would like to sit with, Hitler or Akbar the Great.


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