Jihadist-Do Not come back

Is this a coincidence?

My post on June 16 on Face Book:  https://www.facebook.com/Ibne.Qais

Canada, USA, and all European countries should put a ban on return of citizens participating in Jihad war in Middle East or any where else. If these Jihadists feel it necessary to leave their country of citizenship and kill people in other countries to support of the war of twisted ideology, then they should stay there for ever.

PM of Australia on June 20:


PRIME Minister Tony Abbott has warned up to 100 Australians who have joined jihadist fighters in Syria and Iraq not to come back, saying Australia would not allow “murderous potential terrorists’’ back into the community.

As the al-Qaeda splinter group ISIS continued its brutal insurgency across Iraq, Mr Abbott said the Australian Government was closely monitoring the actions of Australians who had gone to fight with the insurgents.

He said those who had taken up arms with the terrorist groups would not be welcome back in Australia, where 25-year jail terms loomed.

“The last thing the Australian people want is to see murderous potential terrorists come into this country,’’ Mr Abbott said. “They will not come back. If they come back they will be taken into detention because our community will be kept safe by this Government.’’

It’s understood the Government plans to potentially cancel the passports of those dual citizens found to have taken up arms with the insurgents in the Middle East.

Those who try to regain entry to Australia will be arrested at the border, with non-citizens detained in immigration detention centres while the Government seeks to deport them.

Australian citizens would be locked up in state jails.

However, revoking Australian citizenship is legally extremely difficult, and it is not known how long the Government would be able to detain people not convicted of a crime.

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop told Parliament this week she had exercised her powers to cancel passports, but no details have been revealed.

“Secure borders … is ensuring we don’t get these jihadists coming back to our country trained up in the techniques of death and destruction,’’ Mr Abbott later told 2GB.

“One of the terrible, terrible things is that there are up to 100 Australians who have apparently travelled to Syria and Iraq, some of them are involved with this murderous, murderous al-Qaeda splinter group, some of them are involved in atrocities and we are going to do our damnedest to ensure they never come back to this country.

“We are keeping as careful a watch on all of these individuals as we possibly can.’’

The Prime Minister said Australia had not yet been asked to provide any specific assistance, but would carefully consider any request.



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