In what kind of Canada do you want to live?

In response to Toronto Star article “In what kind of Canada do you want to live? Ken Dryden”

 We have moved to Canada so that my children can live in a secular society with equal opportunity to live a prosperous life away from religious fundamentalism. Canada is great but there is always room for improvement. I would like to see a Canada:

  1. Where government and opposition parties work together for the interest of the citizens.
  2. Where laws are not made to benefit corporations at the expense of poor middle class (banking, Insurance)
  3. Where politicians take decisions keeping in mind long term national interest and not immediate goal of reelection and power grab
  4. Where Capitalist organizations priority is not to get rich but enrich the communities with fair pay, and keeping environment safe.
  5. Where Corporations do not cheat paying taxes, by moving assets in foreign countries.
  6.  Where Governments work for all, and laws are not passed to favor the rich donors. (tax rebate to the richest)
  7. Where Universities do not work for profiteering and higher education is affordable for all.
  8. Where Public Transport is affordable and not convenient to use.
  9. Where religious bigotry is not accommodated in the name of multiculturism  (No veiled woman on streets
  10. Where laws are secular and accommodations are not made on religious grounds (No sharia Law)

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