A perversion of Faith


2014-10-04 16.12.50The belief in and the practice of magic  has been present since the earliest human cultures and continues to have an important religious and medicinal role in many cultures today. Magic is central not only in ‘primitive’ societies but in ‘high cultural’ societies as well. Jesus himself was sorcerer, a magic healer.

Like any faculty of knowledge the art of magical healing has also evolved in many forms closely intermingled with Naturopathy, Holistic health and occultist incantation, Palmistry, Astrology, Gematria, etc.. It has taken many forms depending on the religion and culture. Witchcraft mostly in western countries, Voodu in parts of south America and Haiti. Kaala Jadoo and Roohani Ilm in South Asia. In South Asia Roohani Ilm has also branched into several forms, like sufi chants, Jafer, Ilmul Adad (Islamic Gematria)

In South Asian countries it is usually performed by religious people, a saint, peer, sadhu, etc. They usually mix magical healing with homeopathy, aurvedic or natural healing recipes, in combination with Tawiz based on Quranic lines or Gematric charts. They also practise these occultistic arts for non medicinal purposes, taming the beloved, behavioral correction of spouses, bosses, or in laws; harming the enemy, etc. I have personally witnessed some severe outcome of these magical spells. It is very hard to separate the genuine healers and the Quakers. Also many time it is really not known if the spells worked or the subjects were led to believing in it, for sake of money. Most of the practitioners create the illusion that they are pious individuals and do all that not to make money but for sake of humanity. They will not take money directly but make them pay with some excuse like buying some difficult to obtain item for the purpose.

My first experience of such art was in my early years, perhaps I was 5 or 6. There used to be a saint (Peer) in Jehangir Road area, Idont remember exactly but I think he used to be called Bengali Baba. My father used to visit him, specially when we are sick. He will give a (Tawiz) piece of paper with Arabic written on it with yellow ink, usually yellow color mixed with Saffron. My parents will dip the paper in the small amount of water, and make us drink.  At one occasion, i also accompanied my father. I was fascinated with a strange looking bird (Owl). My father told me not to go near the cage. My father asked the baba  to do something to take evil eye of me. He gave a Tawiz to put in my neck, then my father gave me some money to put in the box. I am not sure it was result of my fathers homeopathic medicines or these tawiz that we never had the need of visiting the Doctor

During the course of life I cam across many such people believing these healers. In my teen years I also participated in many sufi gathering, practiced chanting of various incantation in various time of life, also meditated. Surprisingly some incantations work, and if combined with meditation excercise it also give an elevated spriritual experience. I experienced many paranormal occurances. At Sufi gatherings people respected me as an spiritualy advanced person. However once my level of education was elevated I rejected those practices and stopped my interaction with people falling in the category of sufis and saint. I came to opinion that those people were just Quakers, making money by manipulating people with no knowledge or faulty belief.

After living in USA I had forgotten about such practices, When I moved to Canada, I was shocked to see the Urdu newspaper with full of ads offering all kind of Tantric art offerings. there were multiple pages ads from Saints, Healers, Pundits Aamils, Peers, Black magic practitioners, etc. The Picture above is from an office of a person practicing such crafts in Mississauga, Ontario.  I was so surprised that people live in the most advanced  country of the world, with such a wonderful medical system, but  their belief is so poor that they depend on these Quakers.

There were also some columnists writing about various incantations to achieve goals listed above. Some of family members, already living in Canada talked very highly about one particular person. He is  a religious healer, a homeopath, and a natural healer, a columnist on spiritual and natural healing. All at the same time. He appeared to be a very knowledged, multi talented religious scholar from the column. I was also dealing with difficulties of being new in Canada and unable to find job for a while. On peoples advise I called to seek an appointment with him, he very abruptly and rudely, said he is very busy during Ramazan and can not see me. He asked me the reason and advised me some ayats to chant, he was so fast, I could not write and of course I did not act on his advise. Occasionally I used to see his weekly column full of information on natural healing and some incantations.

This is the same person, I have mentioned in the other story about death of  a young man. He came to the Hospital and first time after 9 years of knowing him and his columns I met him. When He came to the Hospital, I was surprised to see his appearance and the way he  was dressed. He was dressed in unclean Shalwar Kameez,  when he opened his mouth he did not appear to be an educated or a religious person. I was shocked to see him and started wondering what books he uses to plagiarize his column, a combination of spiritual and natural healing.

It was obvious he does not have capacity to be an expert on anything. He is a smart mouth charlatan playing with peoples lack of knowledge and poor faith. He does not have capacity to help any one as a healer. However parents of the man in hospital were so impressed with him and have so much faith in him, they asked him to do something to bring him back from the coma. The kid had some internal bleeding and was in coma since last 8 hours, Doctors had him on life support, he could have instantly die if the life support was removed. The Healer went to the ICU room, probably prayed or verbalized some incantation, came out of room and declared ” Do not worry, I have done something that he will be OK now and will be at home by morning”.

I wished what he is saying happens, but logically did not seem practical, the condition the poor child was in, could not be home by morning, even if a miracle happened. I was little irritated with his claim, as by now it was obvious to me he is a “man of hats and no cattle”. He left after declaring that, using excuse, that he will go home and pray  more. And he was proved lier as the poor kid died after 3 hours. It is obvious that men like him can not do anything if hospital can not do it.

Sadly parent of the deceased do not understand these so called healers are just quakers, and say what ever in order to please their subject even if it is a lie. The parents are now narrating his lies that their child died due to some witchcraft or Black magic done by her relatives.

These parents of deceased man are smart people but perverted faith is making them unable to see through that this so called Sufi/Healer is telling lies to them to keep his income coming. As long as people are ignorant and their belief in their diety is poor, these quakers will keep making money. Recently I read a Joke on the pages of one of the Face Book group. A saint’s (Peer) son admitted to medical school. Son of one of the Saint’s disciple (Mureed) was also in the school. Disciples’s son will spend time doing chores for the Saint’s son, considering a religious duty. The friends of Disciples son were not happy and tried to stop him for being a slave of an indecent person. One day Saint’s son was drinking, friends of Discpile’s son brought to show him  what kind of man is Saint’s son is. Dicsiples son started running away saying “God help me please, Satan is misguiding me against my peer”. Falsified faith stops people from accepting the truth.

The art of magic and witchcraft has been with humans from primitive time. When these things were practiced, at the time it might have some usefulness in the sense that, in absence of scientific knowledge and particularly medical knowledge, people drew some consolation of hope to remedy their distress, affliction etc. It is human nature that one tries to find a shoulder to lean on in the event of catastrophe. real Sufis might provide some spiritual or psychological support, but most so called Sufis are Just Quakers. If people living in modern age, with all the advancement in science and medicine, cling to the primitive practices is nothing but unfortunate. Only proper education can help people . But unfortunately people choose to live in their life style enclaves, restricting the opportunity to learn and become pray of these Quakers.







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One Response to A perversion of Faith

  1. Nazneen Anwar says:

    It is a good article n yes this black magic n fake saints thing is a cancer to our society. We must seek guidance from Allah. May Allah guide us to the right path make our faith strong

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