questionsQuestions are a fascinating part of life, and asking them can lead to astounding discoveries, the answers they provoke can open doors, shed light on mysteries and sometimes, even reveal the obvious.-Terry Oriely

However Questions also lead to humiliations, animosity and destruction of relationships. Recently one of my family member unfriended me on FaceBook because in a conversation I asked “Why Osama bin Laden was hidden in Pakistan”. Obviously his religious bigotry would not let him accept the fact that support of terrorism by Pakistani military is wrong. However instead of ignoring the question he chose to severe relations, though he will be unable to disassociate the relations bound genetically.

This reminds me the following quote from Dr Lawrence Krauss, while he was paying tribute to Christopher Hitchens:

“Being able to befriend and charm even your intellectual enemies is something we can all learn from (Hitchens). We can all emulate as we try to bring the light of reason into a world which so often shuts it out. It requires courage and self confidence combined with the ability to simply enjoy people as people.”

Dr Krauss observation is priceless but he has not considered that all reasoning is useless when people are suffered with religious bigotry. Religious conservatism shuts peoples brain to accept any logical explanation, and they accept what is said in support of idea which they believe. Examples of this condition of mental retardation due to bigotry are numerous. Politicians denying Global warming, Scientists denying Evolution, Highly educated Muslims supporting Terrorism, and slavery. The list goes on and on. Indeed religious bigotry is the root of all evils. It shuts people mind to QUESTION.


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