If you dont like Ice skating, you dont like Canada

Ice skating on the surface sounds very romantic but when you think about it then you are skating on thin ice. If you dont like ice skating, you dont like Canada.

When God created the earth, He made Canada the best country in the world. But God has also created a balance of good and bad. Beauty against ugly, vice against virtue, wealth against poverty. So when he created something as good as Canada, there has to be a horrible hatch, and that is winter.

Winter is God trying to kill us. Not only we have to worry about frostbite and exposure, but water, the very source of life freezes and turn itself into a source of great danger.  Ice skating is like laughing in God’s face. Not only that we survive your deadly frozen hellscape, but we make it into a family outing.

(adapted from the CBC debaters Ron Sparks and Jon Steinberg). Below Skating at Redo Canal, Ottawa

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