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The Poverty of Fanaticism

Islamic Spirituality: the forgotten revolution © Abdal-Hakim Murad THE POVERTY OF FANATICISM ‘Blood is no argument’, as Shakespeare observed. Sadly, Muslim ranks are today swollen with those who disagree. The World Trade Centre, yesterday’s symbol of global finance, has today become … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

Just before Christmas, Facebook pages were flooded with Fatwas against celebrating Christmas and wishing Christams greetings. Some clerics declared that saying Merry Christmas is sin bigger than murder. These messages were also posted by people living in western countries. All … Continue reading

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Siblings Rivalry

Siblings Rivalry  Ibne Qais (Note: before reading this article, please read article titled “Siblings Love” first.)  Always remember, there is a difference between skepticism and cynicism…. Skepticism is about asking questions, being dubious, being wary, not being gullible but always … Continue reading

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