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Entrepreneurial Con Artists

Entrepreneurial Con Artists Ibne Qais Phone rang with an unknown number on caller ID. I answered and someone asked: Can I talk to MR Zafar (Z sounded J). Script was American but accent was Indian, Pakistanis don’t sound like J … Continue reading

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Siblings Rivalry

Siblings Rivalry  Ibne Qais (Note: before reading this article, please read article titled “Siblings Love” first.)  Always remember, there is a difference between skepticism and cynicism…. Skepticism is about asking questions, being dubious, being wary, not being gullible but always … Continue reading

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Jang Canada published my article in Jan 3 issue

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Are You Ready

Are You Ready? Ibne Qais A young man of only 35 years was driving to work, got into a traffic accident and instantly died. When he was greeted by angels, he started complaining and queried how could this happen to … Continue reading

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